Analysis of international mink skins in winter 2021

December 15, 2021
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Comparison of supply and sales volume between two major auctions in recent three years(Unit: ten thousand)
AuctionsDanmarkFinland Danmark Finland Danmark Finland
Quantity Delivered190011001300950?1400
Quantity Sold1500700850780??

Mink price net 2021.12.13 release

The 2021 season has ended, with the two auction houses offering about 23 million mink skins and selling about 16 million.  Finland has announced an estimated supply of 14 million mink skins in 2022.  Total mink production in the winter of 2021 outside China is estimated at around 13 million.  And because of the quality and size of the Danish and Dutch varieties that have been discontinued, there are only 10-11 million Danish skins available for new production.  With many farms in Europe and the US now on the brink of bankruptcy, production is expected to fall another 10-20% in the winter of 2022.  It is expected that with the end of the epidemic, the annual output of new mink skins will not be able to meet the normal market demand in the medium and long term (especially for high-quality and colorful velvet skins).  


Kopenhagen fur——–>>>

Saga Fur—————–>>>

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