Saga Furs 2021-2022 auction schedule

Saga Fur this sales year will hold 5 auctionsa

In order to better plan your trip, we hereby publish the auction schedule for 2021-2022.  Saga fur this sales year will hold five auctions, the specific schedule is as follows:  


Auction in December 2021  


Skin test Day: December 11-13  


Online auction sale days: December 14 -16  


Auction in March 2022  


Skin test day: February 28th to March 6th  


Auction sale days: March 7 -15  


Auction in April 2022  


Skin test day: April 22 -25  


Online auction sale days: April 26-28  


June 2022 auction  


Skin test day: June 6-12  


Auction sale days: June 13 -21  


Auction in September 2022  


Skin test day: August 31st to September 6th  


Auction sale days: September 7 -15  

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